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Summer 2003 Issue, Vol. LVI, No. 3

  • "The Human Face of the Age: The Physical Cruelty of Slavery and the Modern American Novel," Mark B. McWilliams
  • "Perversely Reading Kate Chopin's 'Fedora,'" Christina G. Bucher
  • "The Body, the Critics, and 'The Artificial Nigger,'" Jeanne Perreault
  • "From Tolstoy to Dostoyevsky in The Moviegoer," Lewis A. Lawson
  • "Were Farms Necessary?: The Agrarian Question," Martyn Bone
Book Reviews
  • Fred Hobson, ed., South to the Future: An American Region in the Twenty-First Century, reviewed by Melanie R. Benson
  • Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Hearts of Darkness: Wellsprings of a Southern Literary Tradition, reviewed by Michael Kreyling
  • Robert Carr, Black Nationalism in the New World: Reading the African-American and West Indian Experience, reviewed by Jake Mattox
  • Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr., Remapping Southern Literature: Contemporary Southern Writers and the West, reviewed by Susan Kollin
  • John Michael Vlach, The Planter's Prospect: Privilege & Slavery in Plantation Paintings, reviewed by Wendy Jean Katz
  • Earl Black and Merle Black, The Rise of Southern Republicans, reviewed by Brian Anderson
  • Nancy Bercaw, ed., Gender and the Southern Body Politic, reviewed by Stephanie M. H. Camp
  • James G. Watson, William Faulkner: Self-Presentation and Performance, reviewed by John B. Padgett
  • Anne M. Boyle, Strange and Lurid Bloom: A Study of the Fiction of Caroline Gordon, reviewed by Annette Trefzer
  • Kenneth Holditch and Richard Freeman Leavitt, Tennessee Williams and the South, reviewed by Philip C. Kolin
  • Philip C. Kolin, Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire; Annette J. Saddik, The Politics of Reputation: The Critical Reception of Tennessee Williams' Later Plays, reviewed by Ilka Saal
  • R. Neil Scott, Flannery O'Connor: An Annotated Reference Guide to Criticism; Karl-Heinz Westarp, Precision and Depth in Flannery O'Connor's Short Stories, reviewed by Katherine Hemple Prown
  • John Lang, Understanding Fred Chappell, reviewed by George Hovis
  • James D. Lilley, ed., Cormac McCarthy: New Directions, reviewed by Capper Nichols
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