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Summer-Fall 2015, 68.3-4

Special Issue on the Twenty-First-Century Southern Novel
Christopher Lloyd, Guest Editor

  • "Introduction: The Twenty-First-Century Southern Novel," Christopher Lloyd
  • "Rootedness and Mobility: Southern Sacrifice Zones in Ron Rash’s Serena," Michael J. Beilfuss
  • "What Comes to the Surface: Storms, Bodies, and Community in Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones," Christopher W. Clark
  • "Poisonous Possibilities: Telling Stories and Telling Ruins in Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend," Edward Clough
  • "Percival Everett’s Speculative Realities," Matthew Dischinger
  • "‘I’m No Swan’: The Ugly Plot from ‘Good Country People’ to Eating the Cheshire Cat," Monica Carol Miller
  • "From Childhood to the Underworld: Native American Birdman Iconography and Karen Russell’s Swamplandia!," Christopher Rieger
  • "William Gay, Agrarianism, and Environmentalism," Sarah Robertson

Digital Yoknapatawpha: A Written Roundtable

  • "Digitizing Yoknapatawpha," Stephen Railton
  • "Digital Yoknapatawpha in the Context of the Digital Humanities," Elizabeth Cornell
  • "Digital Yoknapatawpha: Where We Are," Theresa M. Towner
  • "Using the Digital Yoknapatawpha Database for Research," Johannes H. Burgers
  • "Encoding Yoknapatawpha: Considering Faulkner in the Information Age," John Michael Corrigan
  • "Digital Yoknapatawpha as a Resource for Teachers and Students," Jennie J. Joiner
  • "Humanism, Faulkner, and the Digital," Taylor Hagood
  • "What it Looks Like to this Bear: An Old Faulknerian Learns to Read Digitally," James B. Carothers


  • "‘Spoilt like a Rotten Oyster’: Fictive Sterilization in Kathryn Stockett’s The Help," Nicole Racquel Carr
  • "Violence, Spectacular and Slow: Ecology, Genre, and Murder in Biguenet’s Oyster and Rash’s One Foot in Eden," Anthony Dyer Hoefer
  • "‘Memories wasn’t a place, memories was in the mind’: The Gothic in Ernest J. Gaines’s The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," Matthew Teutsch and Katharine Henry
  • "Discovering the Timeline in Faulkner’s The Hamlet," Claude Pruitt


  • "Mississippi, Race, and Civil Rights: Some Recent Books," Panthea Reid
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