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Fall 2014, 67.4, is now available


  • “The National Body Divided: America, Italy, and Mark Twain’s Literary Caesarian Operation in Pudd’nhead Wilson,” Melissa Asher Daniels
  • “‘I Won’t Stay in this Dead Country’: The Gilded Age and the Geographic Problematic,” Will Cunningham
  • “As Others See Us: Dismantling Stereotypes of Appalachian Class Systems in Sarah Barnwell Elliott’s The Durket Sperret,” Erin Houlihan Wedehase
  • “Folklore, Urban Insurrection, and the Killing of the Black Hero in the Turn of the Century South,” Douglas Flowe
  • “The God in the Snake, the Devil in the Phallus: Biblical Revision and Radical Conservatism in Hurston’s ‘Sweat,’” Catherine Carter
  • “Miller Williams, Poet and Teacher,” Ashby Bland Crowder
  • “Barry Hannah’s Bright Keyboard: A Reprise,” Joan Wylie Hall


  • "Barry Hannah’s Bright Keyboard: A Reprise,” Joan Wylie Hall
  • “Desire, Faith, and Flannery O’Connor,” Joseph M. Flora
  • “‘All Ways at Once’: A. R. Ammons, Poet, and the Poetics of His Prose,” Tessa Joseph-Nicholas

Book Reviews

  • Rough South, Rural South: Region and Class in Recent Southern Literature, edited by Jean W. Cash and Keith Perry. Reviewed by Jolene Hubbs.
  • Song of My Life: A Biography of Margaret Walker, by Carolyn J. Brown. Reviewed by Amy Pardo.
Winter 2016, 69.1, is now available
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