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Spring 2014, 67.2, is now available


  • “The Enfreakment of Southern Memoir in Harry Crews’s A Childhood,” Zackary Vernon
  • “Hillary Jordan’s Mudbound and the Neo-Segregation Narrative,” Ed Piacentino
  • “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman: Eudora Welty’s ‘A Memory’ and the Modern Literary Epiphany,” Courtney Parker
  • “Leisure and Technology in Port William: Wendell Berry’s Revelatory Fiction,” Ethan Mannon
  • “Passing Place, or the Elusive Spaces of Southern Whiteness in Thomas Nelson Page’s Red Rock and Ellen Glasgow’s The Deliverance,” Izabela Hopkins
  • “Church within a Church: Sutton E. Griggs’s Imperium in Imperio and the Middle Way Within the National Baptist Convention,” Adrian Greene
  • “Ecological Issues: Rousseau’s ‘A Stag Hunt’ and Faulkner’s ‘A Bear Hunt,’” Michael Wainwright


  • “This Quiet Earth Swirls Back to Life,” Gavin Cologne-Brookes
  • “Desire, Faith, and Flannery O’Connor,” Joseph M. Flora
  • “‘All Ways at Once’: A. R. Ammons, Poet, and the Poetics of His Prose,” Tessa Joseph-Nicholas
Winter 2016, 69.1, is now available
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