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Fall 2012, 65.4

  • "Dead Women Talking: The Transgressive Manuscripts of Kate Chopin’s 'Her Letters' and 'Elizabeth Stock's One Story,'" Margot Sempreora
  • "Rattling the Cage: Homoeroticism, Sublimation, and Southern Mores in the Works of William Alexander Percy," Betsy Nies
  • "Sut Lovingood and the Germans," Robert Dewalt
  • "'The Piano Player at the Picture Show': Virgie Rainey and Navigating High and Low in The Golden Apples ," Jason Dupuy
  • "'What have you done. What have you failed to do': Aesthetic and Moral Complacency in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men," Vincent Allan King
  • "The Turn to the South: The Influence of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese’s Southern Studies," David Moltke-Hansen
  • "At the Threshold of the Plantation Household: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Southern Women’s History," Laura F. Edwards
  • "The Plantation Household Revisited: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's Contribution to Southern History," Bertram Wyatt-Brown

Review Essay
  • "The New New South in Poetry: Daniel Cross Turner’s Southern Crossings," John Burt
Review Essay
  • Brian Carpenter and Tom Franklin, editors, Grit Lit: A Rough South Reader, reviewed by Michael Kardos
  • Tara Powell, The Intellectual in Twentieth Century Southern Literature, reviewed by Anne Boyle
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