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Winter-Spring 2011, 64.1-2

  • "Lillian B. Horace and the Literature of White Estrangement: Rediscovering an African American Intellectual of the Jim Crow Era," Veronica Watson
  • "Choosing Sides during the Culture Wars of the 1920s, '30s, and '40s: Robert Penn Warren, the Weight of Agrarianism, and the Popular Audience," Patricia L. Bradley
  • "Ham Jones, North Carolina Backwoods Humorist, and the Art of 'Democratic Elbow-Rubbing,'" Ed Piacentino
  • "Chopin's Bildungsroman: Male Role Models in The Awakening," Catherine Mainland
  • "'Abysses of Solitude': Chopin's Intertextuality with Flaubert," Jean Witherow
  • "Marsha Norman's Bi-Regional Vision in 'night, Mother," David Radavich
  • "'He tossed his line out grimly': Barry Hannah's Literary Parables," Robert Klevay
  • "White Woman, Indian Chief: Beatrice Ravenel and the Poetic Consciousness of Captivity," Rebecca Harrison
  • "Ovid, Christians, and Celts in the Epilogue of Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain," Emily A. McDermott
  • "General Lee and the Siren: Allen Tate's Failed Biography," Glenn C. Arbery
  • "Man's Way and Woman's Way in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," Daniel Thomières
  • "Mongrel Virginia: Ellen Glasgow's Barren Ground and the Curse of Tenancy," Matthew Lessig
  • "'We pick at the scabs': Writerly Persistence and Family Woundedness in Harry Crews's Blood Issue," Richard Rankin Russell
  • "The Eros of Child and Cupid: Wendell Berry's Agrarian Engagement with Ecofeminism," Jeffrey Bilbro
Book Reviews
  • Ed Piacentino, editor, C. M. Haile's "Pardon Jones" Letters: Old Southwest Humor from Antebellum Louisiana, reviewed by James H. Justus
  • Marie Liénard-Yeterian, Faulkner et le cinéma, reviewed by Sarah Gleeson-White
  • Michael P. Bibler, Cotton's Queer Relations: Same-Sex Intimacy and the Literature of the Southern Plantation, 1936-1968, reviewed by Ted Atkinson
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