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Summer-Fall 2009, 62.3-4

  • "André Bleikasten 1933-2009," François Pitavy, Philip Weinstein, Jacques Pothier
  • "The Two Orders in A Fable.: A Reappraisal of Faulkner's 'Elephant,'" François Pitavy
  • "William Faulkner, Screenwriter: 'Sutter's Gold' and 'Drums Along the Mohawk,'" Sarah Gleeson-White
  • "Faulkner's Appropriation of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' in The Hamlet," Sarah Clere
  • "'Lady Tiger in a Tea Gown': Decadence, Kitsch and Faulkner's Femme Fatale," Lucas Tromly
  • "A Literary Motherhood: Rosa Coldfield's Design in Absalom, Absalom!," Erica Plouffe Lazure
  • "Looking Back: A Conversation with William Styron," Gavin Cologne-Brookes
  • "Sophie's Voice, Tolstoy, Film, Music: Interpreting a Leaf from the Manuscript of Sophie's Choice," Gavin Cologne-Brookes
  • "The Case Against Whiteness in William Wells Brown's Clotel," Katie Frye
  • "Panopticism and the Use of 'the Other' in To Kill a Mockingbird," Rebecca H. Best
  • "Servile Leisure: Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman and the Philosophy of Josef Pieper," Rachel Faber Humphries
  • "Diabolical Evil and 'The Black Cat,'" Magdalen Wing-chi Ki
  • "'To Rise and Bloom Again': Resurrection, Race, and Rationalism in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain," Cedric Gael Bryant
  • "Blues Tradition and Culture in Ellen Douglas's Can't Quit You, Baby," Robert Rea
  • "Fear and Loathing in New Orleans: The Space of Fear in Christine Wiltz's Glass House," Deborah Booth Summers
  • "Confronting the Specters of the Past, Writing the Legacy of Pain: An Interview with Phyllis Alesia Perry," Corinne Duboin
Review Essays
  • "Beth Henley So Far," Laurence G. Avery
  • "'Offerings of Light' and Everything After: Marita Garin's Southern Appalachian Poetry: An Anthology of Works by 37 Poets," Tara Powell
  • "Nostalgia for Region: Michael O'Brien's Placing the South," Ilka Saal
Book Review
  • John E. Bassett, William Faulkner: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism Since 1988, reviewed by Lorie Watkins Fulton
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