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Winter-Spring 2008, 61:1-2

Special Issue on Lynching and American Culture
Guest editors Amy Louise Wood and Susan V. Donaldson.
  • "Introduction: Lynching's Legacy in American Culture," Amy Louise Wood and Susan V. Donaldson
  • "The Southern Rite of Human Sacrifice: Lynching in the American South," Donald G. Mathews
  • "Out: On a Limb: The Spatial Politics of Lynching Photography," Sandy Alexandre
  • "'The people . . . took exception to her remarks': Meta Warrick Fuller, Angelina Weld Grimk√©, and the Lynching of Mary Turner," Julie Buckner Armstrong
  • "Submitted for Their Approval: Rod Serling and the Lynching of Emmett Till," Christopher Metress
  • "Grotesque Laughter, Unburied Bodies, and History: Shape-Shifting in Lewis Nordan's Wolf Whistle," Harriet Pollack
  • "The Afterlife of Lynching: Exhibitions and the Re-composition of Human Suffering ," Bettina M. Carbonell
  • "Memorialization and Its Discontents: America's First Lynching Memorial," Dora Apel
  • "Atrocity or Nation Building? The Difference is in the Eye of the Beholder ," Katherine Henninger
  • "Across the Road from the Barbecue House," Edwin T. Arnold
  • "Lynching Uncle Rye: A Novel Excerpt ," Anthony Grooms
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