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Summer-Fall 2005, 58:3-4

  • "Lewis P. Simpson: Memories and an Appreciation," Jeffrey J. Folks
  • "He's a Bitch: Gender and Nature in The Hamlet," Lorie Watkins Fulton
  • "Mobile Home: Pragmatism and The Hamlet," David H. Evans
  • "Eula Varner Snopes: Men's Monument, or More Than That?" Hee Kang
  • "What Faulkner (Might Have) Learned from Joyce," John D. Sykes, Jr.
  • "Faulkner and the 'Doomed Wilderness' of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta," Mikko Saikku
  • "The Reverend Mr. Shegog's Easter Sermon: Preaching as Communion in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury," David Hein
  • "'The way he looked said Hush': Benjy's Mental Atrophy in The Sound and the Fury," Ted Roggenbuck
  • "'The voice that breathed o'er Eden': Faulkner's Unsung Wedding Hymn," Sally Wolff , Marie Nitschke, Robert J. Roberts
  • "Third Spaces and First Places: Jack Butler's Jujitsu for Christ and Hybridity in the US South," Brannon Costello
  • "An Interview with Jack Butler," Brannon Costello
  • "The Publishing History of Augusta Jane Evans's Confederate Novel Macaria: Unwriting Some Lost Cause Myths," Melissa J. Homestead
  • "'Bold defiance took its place'—'Respect' and Self-Making in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave," Vince Brewton
  • "Crossing Over: Katherine Anne Porter's 'Pale Horse, Pale Rider' as Urban Western," Catherine Himmelwright
  • "Intersections of Race and Romance in the Americas: Teresa de la Parra's Ifigenia and Ellen Glasgow's The Sheltered Life," Elizabeth Russ
  • "'Unable to Imagine Getting On Without Each Other': Porter's Fictions of Interracial Female Friendship," Chandra Wells
  • "The Cup of Fury : The Preferred Title of Caroline Gordon's None Shall Look Back," Walton Young
Review Essays
  • "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Kingfish," John Burt
  • "Becoming Eudora," Michael Kreyling
  • "Speaking of Women . . . ," Barbara Ladd
Book Reviews
  • Patricia L. Bradley, Robert Penn Warren's Circus Aesthetic and the Southern Renaissance, reviewed by Robert W. Rudnicki
  • Gad Heuman and James Walvin, The Slavery Reader, reviewed by Anthony S. Parent, Jr.
  • Darlene Harbour Unrue, Katherine Anne Porter: The Life of an Artist, reviewed by William Bedford Clark
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