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Winter-Spring 2005, 58:1-2

  • "William Faulkner Reprised: Isolation in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon," Lorie Watkins Fulton
  • "McCarthy, Mac Airt and Mythology: Suttree and the Irish High King," James Potts
  • "A Dying Gaul: The Signifying Phallus and Tennessee Williams's 'Three Players of a Summer Game'," John Bak
  • "Breadcrumb Trails and Spider Webs: Form in Yonder Stands Your Orphan," John B. Kachuba
  • "The Enigma at the Keyboard: Chopin's Mademoiselle Reisz," Doris Davis
  • "Exorcizing Blue Devils: The Night of the Iguana as Tennessee Williams's Ultimate Confessional," C. Allen Haake
  • "Reconstructing Rebellion: The Politics of Narrative in the Confederate Memoir," Andrew C. Higgins
  • "A Visit With Walker Percy: An Interview and a Recollection," Thomas A. Underwood
  • "Comment on Michael O'Brien's Conjectures of Order," Bertram Wyatt-Brown
  • "Irony and Southern Authorship," Steven M. Stowe
  • "Think About the South: Michael O'Brien, Conjectures of Order: Intellectual Life and the American South, 1810-1860," Harry L. Watson
  • "Masters, Slaves, and the 'Mind of the South'," Susan V. Donaldson
  • "Response to My Critics," Michael O'Brien
  • "Seven Questions about Southern Poetry ," Michael McFee
  • "Kelly Cherry in Her Poetry: The Subject as Object," Fred Chappell
  • "Worlds of Eye and Ear in the Poems of William Harmon," Al Benthall
  • " 'Unto all generations of the faithful heart': Donald Davidson, The Vanderbilt Agrarians, and Appalachian Poetry," Jim Clark
  • "New Fugitives: Contemporary Poets of Countermemory and the Futures of Southern Poetry," Daniel Cross Turner
  • "Anybody Raised Down Home—Down South: Brother to Dragons and Warren's Southern Ethnography," Sean Heuston
  • " 'Trying to Make Contact': 'Mortmain' as Pre-text for Robert Penn Warren's Portrait of a Father," Lucinda MacKethan
Review Essays
  • "Horton Foote and the American Theater," Laurence C. Avery
  • "Four Slave Narratives from the Old South," George Hovis
  • "Othered Southernism: Anthologizing Experimentalism in Contemporary Southern Poetry," Tessa K. Joseph
Book Reviews
  • John F. Desmond, Walker Percy's Search for Community, reviewed by Douglas Mitchell
  • Robert B. Outland III , Tapping the Pines: The Naval Stores Industry in the American South, reviewed by Lawrence S. Earley
  • Ralph C. Wood, Flannery O'Connor and the Christ-Haunted South, reviewed by Thomas F. Haddox
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