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Fall 2004 Issue, Vol. LVII, No. 4

  • "First Is Jefferson: Faulkner Shapes His Domain," Thomas L. McHaney
  • "Topographical Topics: Faulknerian Space," Hortense J. Spillers
  • "Labor, Economy, and Desire: Rethinking American Nationhood through Yoknapatawpha," Charmaine Eddy
  • "Posting Yoknapatawpha," Catherine Gunther Kodat
  • "The Uncanny and the Opaque in Yoknapatawpha and Beyond," Michael Zeitlin
  • "The Yoknapatawpha Project: The Map of a Deeper Existence," Joseph R. Urgo
Book Reviews
  • William Faulkner, Essays, Speeches and Public Letters, edited by James B. Meriwether, reviewed by Michael Millgate
  • Eudora Welty, On William Faulkner, reviewed by Jim Clark
  • Farrell O'Gorman, Peculiar Crossroads: Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, and Catholic Vision in Postwar Southern Fiction, reviewed by Ralph C. Wood
  • Tara McPherson, Reconstructing Dixie: Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South, reviewed by Jon Smith
  • Charlotte H. Beck, The Fugitive Legacy: A Critical History, reviewed by Martyn Bone
  • Trudier Harris-Lopez, South of Tradition: Essays on African American Literature, reviewed by Evie Shockley
  • Jonathan Brennan, When Brer Rabbit Meets Coyote: African-Native American Literature, reviewed by Dean Franco
  • Deborah C. De Rosa, Domestic Abolitionism and Juvenile Literature, 1830-1865, reviewed by David A. Davis
  • Leland Krauth, Mark Twain and Company: Six Literary Relations; Larzer Tiff, Mark Twain, reviewed by David B. Kesterson
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