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Spring 2004 Issue, Vol. LVII, No. 2

  • "Don't Fence Me In: Nature and Gender in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's South Moon Under," Christopher Rieger
  • "Race and the Rural in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's Cross Creek," Carolyn M. Jones
  • "The Construction and Deconstruction of Masculinity in The Yearling," John Lowe
  • "The Changing American Hero and the 'Eternal Bitch' in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's The Sojourner," Veronica Makowsky
  • "Motive and Meaning: The Mystery of the Will in Poe's 'The Black Cat,'" Joseph Stark
  • "South of the 'Border,' or Poe's Pym: A Case Study in Region, Race, and American Literary History," David Faflik
  • "Dislocations: Retracing the Erased in Jayne Anne Phillips's Shelter," Sarah Robertson
  • "The Liberty Weathervane Points Left: The Futures of American Studies, edited by Donald E. Pease and Robyn Wiegman," by Peter Schmidt
Book Reviews
  • Daniel Justin Herman, Hunting and the American Imagination; Jacob F. Rivers III, Cultural Values in the Southern Sporting Narrative, reviewed by James S. Guignard, Jr.
  • Donald Edward Davis, Where There Are Mountains: An Environmental History of the Southern Appalachians, reviewed by Benita J. Howell
  • Rebecca Grant Sexton, ed., A Southern Woman of Letters: The Correspondence of Augusta Jane Evans Wilson, reviewed by Kathryn B. McKee
  • Anthony Szczesiul, Racial Politics and Robert Penn Warren's Poetry, reviewed by Jim Murphy
  • Paula Gallant Eckard, Maternal Body and Voice in Toni Morrison, Bobbie Ann Mason, and Lee Smith, reviewed by Joseph M. Flora
  • Linda Wagner-Martin, ed., William Faulkner: Six Decades of Criticism, reviewed by Theresa M. Towner
  • Charles D. Spornick, Alan R. Cattier, and Robert J. Greene, An Outdoor Guide to Bartram's Travels, reviewed by Jennifer L. Hughes
  • John Caldwell Guilds and Charles Hudson, eds., An Early and Strong Sympathy: The Indian Writings of William Gilmore Simms, reviewed by James Taylor Carson
  • Sarah Gleeson-White, Strange Bodies: Gender and Identity in the Novels of Carson McCullers, reviewed by Anne M. Boyle
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