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Winter 2003-04 Issue, Vol. LVII, No. 1

  • "Reconstruction Revisited: Plantation School Writers, Postcolonial Theory, and Confederates in Brazil," John Lowe
  • "Rebirths of a U.S. Nation: Race and Gendering of the Nation State," Mab Segrest
  • "Southern Postcoloniality and the Improbability of Filipino-American Postcoloniality: Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! and Hagedorn's Dogeaters," Sarita See
  • "The Political Economy of Southern Race: Go Down, Moses, Spatial Inequality, and the Color Line," Hosam Aboul-Ela
  • "Just Where and What Is 'the (comparatively speaking) South'? Caribbean Writers on Melville and Faulkner," Randy Boyagoda
  • "Homeward Journey: Edwidge Danticat's Fictional Landscapes, Mindscapes, Genescapes, and Signscapes in Breath, Eyes, Memory," Patrick Samway, S.J.
  • "The Translation of Louisiana into the South," Anne Malena
  • "Glissant, Yoknapatawpha," ValĂ©rie Loichot
  • "Imperial Discourses in Caroline Gordon's Green Centuries," Annette Trefzer
  • "Folk Culture in Women's Narratives: Literary Strategies for Diversity in Nationalist Climates," Carol E. Newell
  • "Organizing the New South: Local Ecologies and Autonomous Strategies for Confronting Globalization," Hugh Bartling
  • "The Vertigo of Circum-Caribbean Empire: William Bartram's Florida," Chris Iannini
  • "Voodoo Hermeneutics/The Crossroads Sublime: Soul Musics, Mindful Body, and Creole Consciousness," Keith Cartwright
  • CONCLUDING ROUNDTABLE: Postcolonial Theory, the U.S. South, and New World Studies, Joint ALA/SSSL Symposium, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, December 2002
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